Jun 16, 2016

CarneItaliana.it: The First Web Portal on Italian Grass-Fed Meat

In CarneItaliana.it you can find information and news about Italian cattle, swine, poultry. Through this website you can follow the latest scientific research on native breeds, stay in touch with ongoing events and learn about curiosities: who knows the story of Florentine T-bone steak?
Strolling in the Italian outdoor green pastures, away from intensive animal farming, you can reconnect with the early history of humans and animals. And by retrieving the recipes handed down from mother to daughter since ancient times, we rediscover tradition.
Rediscovering Italian tradition is a matter of taste, health and sustainability.
CarneItaliana will soon be in English and, thanks to the geolocalizing app, be able to indicate where you can TRULY buy and eat genuine grass-fed meat in Italy. CarneItaliana is on FacebookTwitter and Google+

Jun 6, 2016

Sociology of the Arts – Spring 2016

Baseman Emily, Cope Adrea, D'Attilio Caroline,  Harris Jessica, Jacobson Jennifer, Kalev Cassandra, Levinson Haley, Murphy Erin, Noseworthy Jennifer, Orekhov Daria, Patinella Joanna, Silverman Gabriel, Susskind Benjamin, Taylor Brendan.

Sociology of the Arts – Spring 2016

Atherton-Ely Tinnina, Bierman Dana, Ciccotelli Eric, Dalena Isabella, Degnan Shannon, Garufi Natalie, Geier Meghan, Giosa Blake, Gismondi Victoria, Green Arissa, Ingall Emily, Kalman Jenna, Knowles Emily, Lindsey Morgan, McCormick Ryan, McGarvey Cooper, Morgan Haley, Murphy Jessica, Nicosia Brenna, Reiben Erica, Smilowitz Zachary, Solley Jessi, Szczepaniak Nicolette.

Identity and Culture – Spring 2016

Babineau Hayley, Baseman Emily, Bellucci Nicholas, Brady Brian, Carter Julia, Cohen Jessie, Constantine Olivia, Dolce Jamie, Doyle Colleen, Eckhoff Peri, Essenfeld Rachel, Goldstein Hayley, Gunzy Brianna, Ingall Emily, Kaczegowicz Chloe, Moribe Haruka, Pancer Carly, Perniciaro Lisa, Proko Deanna, Saracco Lindsay, Spinogatti Ariana, Taccariello Nicole, Tamerius Maggie, Utley John, Volpe Jessica, Winigrad Ethan.

Cultural Globalization - Spring 2016

Carpenter Matthew, Donahue Devin, Flaherty Meagan, Hernandez Eric, Hickey Meredith, Iacomini Lorenzo, Leonetti Paul, Mc Kittrick Robert, Muntean Kylie, O'Leary Simon, Rice Kailey, Smith Riley, Unsworth Chelsea.