Jan 30, 2011

MENA (Middle East North Africa) Turmoil

The protest started in Tunisia, then:  Libya, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Albania, Lebanon and Egypt. You can find more detailed information in the article “A region in upheaval”. The world is now concentrated, for the geopolitical and strategic importance, on Egypt. One thing is sure, for the first time in decades the theme at stake is not religion, terrorism or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some interpret the protest as “Yearning for Respect, Arabs Find a Voice”. Internet (Facebook and Twitter in particular) are playing a key role in spreading the voice and articulating the protest. Some commentators describe the chain of upheavals as “Tunisian's Domino Effect”, some other call it the “North Africa 1989”. The unspoken rule “Better a loyal dictator (who serves my interests) than an unstable (not so easy controllable) democracy” is trembling.