Sep 24, 2012

Living with Mom (or very very close)

A survey by Censis reveals that 31% of Italians live at home with their mother and that 42.3% live at no more than a 30 minute walk from her. 
The survey indicates that more than half of the adult Italian population (54%) lives at no more than a half-hour walk from close relatives. I have published extensively in Italian upon this phenomenon — Clicca su te stesso. Sé senzal'Altro; I giovani italiani tra famiglia escuola —  and you can read the article How to do Words with Things
We will discuss later during the semester the structural and cultural interpretations of the so called prolongation of youth in Italy and compare it with the pattern of transition to adulthood in Northern Europe and United States. In the meantime you can take a look at the US the reality show Mama's Boys of the Bronx: NewReality Show on TLC and to the article Real Italians. We will also talk about Jersey Shore in Florence (and how the city reacted).
Jersey Shore Abroad
Mama's Boys of the Bronx