May 29, 2013

Happy Land: Australia

Australia is the world's happiest industrialized nation. These are the results of the latest (28 May) survey by OECD Better Life Index.
“Australia has remained largely immune from the global financial crisis, with its economy growing on average 3.5% over the last 20 years to 2012, according to the CIA FactbookThe economy of the natural resource-rich nation has been buoyed by strong demand from Asia and China, while its robust financial sector has helped combat the global downturn. Such growth is in stark contrast to recessions which have gripped Europe and the U.S. since the financial crisis exploded in 2007” (Irene Chapple CNN).
The index is based on 11 criteria: Housing, Income, Jobs, Community, Education, Environment, Civic engagement, Health, Life Satisfaction, Safety, Work-Life Balance.