Sep 4, 2013

What's Going On: One Day in the News

As we've discussed in class, Italy is not just wine, olive oil, art, romance etc. Let's see some other themes in the media today. First of all an interesting interpretation of the fact that around 1 p.m on any given day, three quarters of the population will normally be sitting down to lunch in their own homes: "Eating at home in the middle of the day is easier if you don't have to be at work and only 57 percent of working-aged people in Italy have a paid job, compared with an average of 66 percent for the 34 members of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development" (Italy Stays Home For Lunch Hour As Weak Economy And Strong Culture Collide). Then what many Italians found after the traditional August, when the whole country switches off: "Chiara, a young woman in her mid-30s, is holidaying at the small bay of Palinuro, south of Salerno. It’s a quiet place. The sea is blue-green, but Chiara cannot enjoy it. She takes a big drag on her cigarette and tells her story. She works for a construction company, near Naples. Her wages have not been paid for six months, and now she’s afraid that she will come home from the beach and there won’t even be a job for her, that the company itself will have gone" (Welcome home to unemployment). And finally:  Italian politician compares black minister to prostitute 71 percent of Rome retailers 'dodge tax' .